Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Clone Trooper/AT-AT (Star Wars Transformers)

Why Did You Buy That Toy?
I know it's a Transformer, but really that's incidental. I just wanted an AT-AT toy. The AT-AT is awesome. It's a giant lumbering walking tank that looks impressive but in real life would be the most impractical vehicle ever. It's like a motor home on stilts if someone then attached machine guns to it. Would you like to ride a motor home balancing on stilts? I wouldn't. But the damned thing looks like a lumbering metal animal and I love it for that reason.

Any regrets?
Well it transforms into an AT-AT pilot, but that mode looks like crap. It's a pain in the ass to transform too. So my plan is to pretty much keep it in AT-AT mode and just pretend it's a model.

Are you Satisfied with your purchase?
Yes. Because as an AT-AT model it's really neat. The legs move and everything. Seriously, the "robot mode" is crap. Look at this thing. It looks like someone decided to make a cyborg but gave up about half way through. Now the legs that look amazing on an AT-AT look like scrawny chicken legs. Bleah.

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