Sunday, March 22, 2009

Scarecrow (DC Infinite Heroes)

Why did I buy that?

Action Ranger Timmy was out shopping and spotted the newest Infinite Heroes releases. He rattled off a list of what was there and Scarecrow seemed the most appealing since, hey, new mold.

Do I have any regrets?

No; in fact I was pleasantly surprised by this figure. It looks great and has a fantastic sculpt. Yeah, it doesn't really fit with the other Infinite Heroes aesthetically, and the hat is oversized, but those points don't bother me. It's just great to have a cool-looking original figure from this line.

Am I happy with my purchase?

Yes. It was the equivalent of an impulse buy, but it feels like I got my money's worth. I mean, I own the Flash/Mirror Master/Weather Wizard box set, so entirely new figures are a treat for me. Also, the articulation is great and the sculpt is well done.

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