Monday, March 30, 2009

Batman & Batgirl (Microman)

You know, I'm pretty sure that the guy I bought this from on e-bay swapped out the Batman figure with the single-card Batman. But I like this one better, so, meh.

Why did I buy this toy?
Because I wanted a 3.75" Batman but not the Infinite Heroes one. I'm more than a little disappointed by the limited articulation of the Infinite Heroes figures. So when I remembered they made a Microman Batman with the whopping 30+ points of articulation I decided to go on e-bay and get one. The best deal was in a 2-pack with Batgirl, who I wouldn't mind getting for an okay price, and a Catwoman package, so score.

Any regrets?
Yeah, that I didn't buy that $5 Chun-Li Microman when I had the choice. I also wish that Batman's cape had the same hinge as Batgirl's. (There's a hinge at the top of the cape which allows the cape to be bent at a 90 degree angle.) Action figure capes and they're immobility have always been a pet peeve of mine.

Am I happy with my purchase?
Extremely. The figures have an amazing amount of articulation. (Batgirl's hair also has a hinge to allow the simulation of her hair blowing behind her as she's running.) And they're perfectly in scale with the Marvel Universe figures. The bonus hands also allow a lot of play value. I really like the Mircroman toys now. If they weren't so expensive (import toys) I'd get a bunch more of them. I can't wait to open the Catwoman Microman.

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