Monday, March 23, 2009

Iron Man (Marvel Universe/Fury Files)

Why did I buy it?

3.75" Marvel heroes? Hell yes! The characters that amuse me to no end in scale with Indiana Jones and the GI Joe? Excellent. Now at $8 a pop I'm only getting figures that appeal to me due to the character or the look of the figure. So Iron Man (which is the latter) was a must get. I love toys that rock the full face mask but still have personality. Also the toy looks awesome.

Any regrets?

When I finally opened this sucker up and held it in my hands... the thing's a lot flimsier than I thought. Some of the joints move in an odd way. The ball joints at the hip won't allow much leeway moving the legs back and forth, so Iron Man can't sit at all, but he can damn near do the splits because the horizontal hip joint movement is loose as hell. Also, the ball joint at the neck allow minimal movement. And weirdest of all (to me anyway) the mid chest joint allows for a 360 degree turn.

Are you happy with your purchase?

If this was $5, yes. But for $8 the problems with the figure come into sharp focus and I wonder if I spent too much on this. It doesn't seem like enough toy for $8. It's made me re-evaluate whether how many figures in this line I really want to own.

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  1. I too bought Ironman (both original and stealth versions) when they were released here. They look good in the package, but playability is pretty low due to limited articulation. I only opened my original IM, still have the stealth MOC. I think I will just buy the characters that I really like in this line and keep them MOC (love the boxart on them).


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