Friday, March 27, 2009

Cobra Para-Viper (GI Joe 25th Anniversary)

Ever since I saw a picture of this figure in a Hasbro product catalogue a few months ago, I knew I had to get it. I haven't technically bought it yet; I can't really buy action figures at the moment (stupid economy . . .) so my friend Mario got it for me with the understanding that I'd pay him back in the future. It's definitely worth the seven or eight dollars I'll eventually reimburse him for, though.

This figure's design is so delightfully busy. I have no idea what the base body is, since strapped and glued to the figure are a helmet, breathing tubes, a huge parachute pack, flight gear, knee and forearm pads, ammo clips, a knife holster, swimming fins (on the back of his shins), wind vanes on the lower arms, and a goddamn wristwatch. I could stare at this figure for hours just marvelling at the details. I haven't tried taking off much of figure's gear, but the goggles that sit atop the head are definitely removable. The knife appears to be glued into the sheath on the right leg, though. Don't pull too hard.

Given this is a GI Joe figure, accessories are a big deal. Aside from the now-standard figure base, the Para-Viper includes two guns. The smaller rifle is cool, but the larger rifle is what's really impressive. The stock folds up, and the sniper stand and the magazine are removable! Don't lose them!

The only thing that bugs me about this figure is something that plagues much of 25th Anniversary Series (well, the only major thing, since I also think the arm vanes look pretty stupid--but not the swmming fins glued to the legs, though!). The series has a scale that veers closer to an even four inches instead of the standard 3.75" scale, so the Cobra Para-Viper towers over most of my GI Joe figures. Still, it's really not that big a deal, since it is a really, really cool figure.

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  1. cool action figure. haven't seen one here in the philippines though. or, i'm just too slow to get them.


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