Friday, March 20, 2009

Blue Beetle (DC Universe Classics)

Why did I buy that?
Because it's TED FRICKING KORD the Blue Beetle. I loved the old JLI run of Justice League and Ted Kord's Blue Beetle was a big part of that. He's one of my favorite C-list DC characters of all time. He's a fan favorite, which means he's not popular enough to sell a comic book but that enough people like him that they'll get all pissy if something's done to the character that they don't agree with.

Like if he gets shot through the head.

So it's a DCUC figure of Ted Kord, an highly articulated, well-sculpted Blue Beetle Action Figure? How can I not get that?

Do I have any regrets?
I wish he had more accessories. I don't expect a bug ship or anything, but maybe the rappel line he always uses to exit the ship? But that's probably too much to ask for.

Am I hap-YES.
I really like this toy. Of course my love for the character might be coloring my opinion, but it's a good figure of a character I like, so I'm happy. Although now I want the entire JLA group. They made Booster, but now I really want Fire, Ice and Guy Gardner. Also G'nort. GIVE ME A DCUC G'NORT!

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