Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Question (DC Infinite Heroes)

Why did I buy that toy?
Like most of his modern fans, I fell in love with the character "The Question" thanks to his appearances on the Justice League cartoon. I passed on the JLU figure because I don't like the lack of articulation those figures have and I knew they were making a figure of the character for the Infinite Heroes line, which meant it would be in the 3.75" scale.

I've gotten into the idea of 3.75" figures. There's a number of lines in the scale so you get to do toy crossovers (which I love), they're small enough for vehicles, etc. etc. etc. The downside is that for the amount of toy you get they're pretty expensive. But at Target the DC Infinite Heroes are usually $4.99, so yay!

Any regrets?
When I got the Question it in my hand I was very disappointed. The head's a little small and even worse, the damned legs don't move even though they have a hip joint. That's because the Question's coat restricts the leg's movement. So the articulation isn't that great. And the look of the figure is kinda meh. It looks like a generic faceless dude in a suit, as opposed to "Hey! It's the Question." The figure has no personality is what I guess I'm trying to say.

Am I happy with my purchase?
It's pretty lame, but it is a figure of the Question in the scale I wanted. And the fact that it was only $5 makes the pill easier to swallow. So overall it's not a huge disappointment.


  1. There's a variant of him with an overcoat, which I think looks cooler as a figure. I haven't actually seen either version on the pegs yet.

  2. Am still looking for this one to go with my Blue Beetle and Captain Atom.


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