Monday, March 16, 2009


One of the most awesome parts of old character showing up in the new series of Doctor Who is that it gives them a perfect excuse to make figures of classic characters. I've wanted a good looking Davros figure since 1996, and I finally got one after he showed up in the latest batch of episodes. And since they didn't really change the character design he goes perfect with all the Doctor Who classic figures they've been making. This is a very adaptable Davros.
Even more awesome is that they've given him only the articulation that he could actually have. In the show he's been paralyzed except for one arm, hanging onto life through an elaborate life-support system and the sheer will of hatred for everything else in existence. So the toy has exactly three points of articulation, all on his right arm. Now normally I think the more articulation the better, but in this case it makes perfect sense for there to be limited articulation and I'm happy.

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