Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dataframe & Beachhead (GI Joe 25th Anniversary)

Why did I buy that?
Because Dataframe is the character Mainframe from the old GI Joe line but with a new name due to trademark issues. And Mainframe was the first GI Joe I ever owned as a kid. So he's automatically one of my favorite characters. He's the GI Joe computer expert, which was novel in the 80's but insanely impressive these days. Also, he got the Cobra punk girl/espionage expert to fall in love with him.

Yup this is a nostalgia purchase. Plus, it's part of a comic 2 pack, so the cost doesn't seem so extravagent, which is what put me off buying off most of the other GI Joe 25th anniversary figures.

Any regrets?
Well Dataframe's head is ridiculous and his face looks like crap.

Am I happy with my purchase?
But he comes with a computer and his costume looks right, so I've made my peace with with the bad head. Hell, at least I've got my Mainframe figure even if it's only 85% good. And almost as if to make it up to me, Beachhead comes with a second head that has a hilarious goatee that amuses me to no end. So I guess, yeah, I'm happy.

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