Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Two-Face (Dark Knight 5 inch line)

I thought Two-Face was a lot more interesting than the Joker in the "Dark Knight" movie. He also had the better visual look, so I decided that I would buy a toy of him when he came out, assuming it looked at least vaguely like the movie image. I wasn't certain if I'd get the 5 inch version or the Movie Masters version, but then I saw this baby.
He's the 5 inch version, which means he's in scale with my Doctor Who figures, which I like. He fits right in with that menagerie of weird looking dudes. In addition it's a really good likeness, not perfect, but enough that I feel satisfied that they captured what I wanted them to. And finally, and perhaps even more importantly, I got him when the Movie Masters version, which would be more expensive anyway, was not availble.

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