Monday, May 18, 2009

Sinestro (DC Universe Classics)

Why did I buy that?

The nearby KB Toys outlet was having some good going-out-of-business sales, so I was able to snag this as well as a DCUC Nightwing for my brother. I really don't care for Sinestro as a character. What I mainly wanted was the Collect and Connect pieces included with both figures. I need to complete my Solomon Grundy figure!

Any regrets?

The size issue with this figure (the sculptors intended it to be taller, but it was shrunk in production so that it's shorter than it should be) doesn't really bother me. Yeah, standing next to his arch-nemesis Green Lantern he looks spindly, but I don't display my figures that way, so it's moot in my eyes. As a figure on its own it's surprisingly cool.

What's more distressing is Mattel's oft-bemoaned quality control issues. My Sinestro figure has a tear in its rear right hip joint, creating a noticeable gap. It's not so severe that I can't move the figure's leg freely, but it is a major blemish that can't be overlooked.

Am I happy with my purchase?

It's a decent figure, and it's always nice having new sculpts in this line, but ultimately Sinestro is the one figure I own from DC Universe Classics that I would have no qualms about selling. Except I really can't, because of that damn joint tear.


  1. Sinestro and Nightwing were the two I never found from that series. My Grundy is incomplete...and ANGRY!

    Someday eBay will satiate his fury.

  2. I still need Robin and Deathstroke to complete my Grundy. Which is funny, because I would've preferred to have found those two figures instead.