Friday, May 15, 2009

Origins Wolverine & Agent Zero

I hate exclusives. I have a hard enough time finding the toys I want without having to worry about them only being available in specific stores. That's assuming whatever branches of the store near me actually get them in. But the really cool stuff is usually an exclusive. The niche products not everyone wants. So a hunting I will go.

Toys R' Us has been getting exclusive minimates. For the Wolverine Movie wave they've got 4 exclusive figures. The Silver Fox exclusive looks like a generic minimate and I can do without the new Wolverine variants since I've already got like a half dozen, so I could almost skip these exclusives.

Except that one of them is the movie version of Agent Zero, an Asian Dude. And since I like minimates and seek images of mainstream Asian American characters that don't play into generic sterotypes, I needed to get this guy. I don't even collect the Marvel Movie minimates (they always look disappointing) but hell, he's an Asian American dude and that's all I care about right now.

This is what happens when your race is under-represented in the mainstream media.

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  1. When I saw "Agent Zero" (aka Maverick) in the movie trailer, my first thought was "Hey, Jimmy Woo is in a Marvel film". Which is a pretty obscure reference to pop into my mind at that moment.