Monday, March 22, 2010

Gallardo LP 560-4

Thanks to the back of the box I know this is a Lamborghini. I just got it because it's not shiny and glossy like all the other Hot Wheels, it has a chalky matte black surface, and I think that's pretty damned cool.

Actually it looks like what I remember the car from that Charlie Sheen movie back in the day, where he played the ghost looking for revenge against the local street racer gang of diverse 80's thugs. Charlie sheen wore a lot of leather and rode in a car that made him invincible.

That movie wasn't very good, but I remember watching it on the Friday Night horror movie on my local UHF station.
Unfortunately because of the matte paint application the body is more plastic than metal, as a result the weight is pretty low and it doesn't do that well on the loop. It can still accomplish it, but it's a damned struggle.


  1. yup, very very nice.. got 1 of this myself!

  2. AWESOME! I love The Wraith! Badass car and great soundtrack too!