Saturday, March 6, 2010

Klaw & Secret Wars Storm

Klaw is a guy with a sonic blaster where his hand should be. Why he's named Klaw instead of Bowl or Dish is beyond me. I actually know nothing about the guy except that he was a mini-boss in the Konami Avengers arcade game. (I loved that game.) But I heartily approve of super-villains who have replaced one of their hands with a super-science weaponn just due to their sheer ridiculousness and what that says about the world of superheroes. I also am trying to increase the number of original villain minimate figures I have, so this was a must have.

Klaw comes packaged with Secret Wars Storm. The name is misleading, Storm adopted the mohawk and leather look a while before the Secret Wars. It was around the time Wolverine was going to get married to his Japanese girlfriend and when she debuted her look Kitty Pryde actually started screaming in distress. Because Storm got a makeover.

The figure is actually pretty nice looking and the mohawk very well done. You can't even see the hair hole despite the limited amount of surface area that the smaller hair piece covers. This is one of those hard to find Exclusive Toys R' Us sets, and I'm always worried I won't find the ones I want, but I guess I lucked out this time.

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