Saturday, March 27, 2010


Parademon here was the first figure I bought for myself in months. It's a toy I'd been intending to get for a while, primarily because I'm low on villains in Mattel's 6-inch scale and because it features a unique sculpt, which is always a rarity in DC Universe Classics.

I have to say, I found myself a little disappointed after I took the figure out of the packaging. The sculpt is hampered by the fact that Mattel crafted this figure by adding new bits and pieces to the variant Super Powers-inspired Parademon, which had been conceived from the ground-up. As a result, the figure looks sort of piecemeal. One oddity is that while the lower legs are entirely new, the boot cuffs only cover the front of the shins, as if the cuffs were added to base legs instead of being original sculpts.

Another area of disappointment is the weapons. This is the result of the weapons ostensibly being intended for Kalibak, the Collect-n-Connect figure from Wave 6. There's a yellow pistol that this version of the figure can't hold, as well as a weird gold space rifle that comes apart to reveal Kalibak's redesigned beta club from the Super Powers line. Cute idea, but useless if you don't have a Kalibak.

It's nice having troop builders, but after all the anticipation I had the Parademon is a bit of a letdown.


  1. I saw this when Mario got it, and thought it looked cool, but I don't collect this scale. Good I never came across it though, might have got it for some reason. Why do they call him parademon? Is he only quasi-demonic? Or does he jump out of demon airplanes?

  2. It's meant to infer the latter, but oddly enough Parademons fly all the time and never parachute. But I don't think Jack Kirby cared.

  3. Ah, thank you. That has been bothering me forever. I even invented a third scenario, that they came from a PARAllel dimension or reality.