Thursday, September 20, 2012


So what did I buy on my vacation? Well I didn't want to pay $25 for an Evac figure, but I'm willing to pay $13 for a Legion Class figure. Since Evac is a character created for the Transformers Ride, I pretty much expect he'll never show up anywhere else, so that's kinda neat. In the ride he never transforms into a robot, he stays in vehicle mode the hole time, although you do see his hand jut out a couple times. So really, this robot mode is theoretical rather than a representation.

More accurate is his vehicle mode. While they claim it's a car, really it's a multi-person amusement park ride transport. Fits 8. I love that he's essentially a roller coaster car. It makes me laugh. And since I was on the ride, I can use this figure to remember that time when I rode inside him. Sitting next to some middle aged French tourist. Good times.

Yeah, as a Transformer: not worth $13. As a souvenir and memory inducer, well worth it.

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