Monday, September 24, 2012

Simpsons Bust'em Ups Series 5

So I found these Simpsons Bust'Em Ups in a novelty store clearance section. Series 5, The romance series. I picked up a Ralph Wiggum and another school based one.

First up is Ralph and his iconic "Choo-Choo-Choose You" moment. The set is clever, but constructing it was a pain in the nuts. Because of how small these sets are, the plastic is really flimsy. I broke on of the chair legs. I got it to balance, but if I ever pick this set up again it'll fall apart in a second. It also requires that you put some pressure on the figure to get pegs to stick in their holes. But that amount of pressure snaps the plastic. So bad QC there Mcfarlane Toys. You see how the desk isn't in the peg holes in the picture above? That's because the desk legs are in a certain position and won't fit in the holes. No without stretching and potentially snapping the flimsy plastic. Yeah. And the one time i did get them in the holes properly, the pressure from the bending legs ejected the desk right away, sending all the various parts flying. Like the Valentine's day card. Which is a separate piece. Bleah.

The other figure I picked up is a Krabappel/Skinner set where they're making out in a Janitor's closet. You have to put the room together, which is much like trying to set up a house of cards. But once you do, it's pretty sweet. The door even opens and closes, allowing you to replay the shocking reveal to your hearts content.

I will say one thing, the level of detail in these sets is great. The calendar with a clearly readable month and dates. The back shelf stocked with cans. The mop and bucket. The only downside I had with this set is that Krabappel and Skinner were not packaged together, so you have to carefully interweave their limbs to get them in that position. And considering how small their limbs are, it is not easy. But once it works, man it's a trip. This is actually from one of my favorite episodes of the series, so neato.

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  1. The closet toy is awesome. I love the couple Krabappel-Skinner, specially if their are doing their "stuff".