Friday, September 7, 2012

Princess Leia

So after how much I liked the Battle Droid figures from Sideshow I figured I'd try some more. I found this Leia figure on e-bay for a pretty reasonable price.

I always like the Leia character. She's a good character (and pretty much only female) in the original trilogy. She's got maybe 2 iconic looks and this is the one where she's not wearing a gold bikini after being turned into an episode of Law and Order: SVU.

The likeness is pretty good, but I keep wondering what she's looking at over in the corner.

I'm also starting to get sick of the solid boots a lot of 1:6 figures have that basically make the foot articulation worthless. It's damned hard to get this figure to stand up without the included stand. That's just ridiculous. There's no stand lobby trying to get more stands out there. This should not be an issue.

Sadly these issues might restrict my future Sideshow purchases to characters wearing masks.


  1. I agree about the face. My Sideshow Bond has a corpse like look about him....Didnt realize Leia's nose was quite that big!