Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Lego minifigure series 8

Yeah, found Lego minifigure series 8 at a Wal-Mart. I spent about an hour squeezing in the hopes of finding the figures I wanted to buy.

As always I wanted the historical warrior figure and I really wanted the Shakespearean actor figure because I'm an English major and Shakespeare is hilarious/culturally iconic. The real question is whether or not that skull is meant to be a prop or a real skull. If you pretend it's a real skull you can pretend this is a minifigure of that one Tales from the Crypt episode where the insane asylum inmates kill a guy so they can get his skull for their version of Hamlet. (the episode is called Top Billing)

The cowgirl is charming, especially since she appears to be a 1950's interpretation of a cowgirl. Her freckles are adorable. She might qualify as one of the stereotype minifigures. Meanwhile the scuba diver is great because the helmet is an improvement over the Atlantis figures. These advances in Lego minifigure technology is what's so great about these releases.

Why did I buy these toys? Because I misinterpreted what they were when I was squeezing. Couldn't give a crap about either one.

Batboy. I really like that the wings are sculpted onto his arms. I don't like that this means his arms are permanently stuck out like that. This is why I consider minimates to be superior.


  1. I got the Vampire Bat and he is great but i still need to hunt down that deep sea diver but with the new Kre-O blind Bags and that Lego single bagged Ghost being around i think am going to be sided tracked by those first lol.

  2. Cant wait for them to be available here!