Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hugo and Heihachi

A toys R Us exclusive pack from the Street Fighter X Tekken line of minimates, I only picked up this set because 1) Heihachi is one of the few Tekken characters I can recognize (used fairly effectively as both a comedic and dramatic character) and 2) Hugo is one of the bad guys from the Final Fight video game that was eventually inserted into the Street Fighter games. And I love the idea of Final Fight minimates.

There's also a Rolento minimate that comes with a bear from Tekken, but I don't really like the bear design and was never a fan of Rolento... or even knew who he was when I first saw him in a street fighter game. (And what I remember about him from the Final Fight games was that he was a frustrating enemy to fight. So screw him.)

I really hope we get some more awesome Street Fighter/Final Fight minimates from these lines.

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