Friday, February 22, 2013

Victory of the Daleks set

The big draw of this set for me was the Ironside Dalek holding a tea tray. That is awesome. And it is. Meanwhile I'm pleasantly surprised by the Winston Churchill figure. When you see it in person, well it looks amazingly like the actor who portrayed him. (But not if you put on his glasses accessory, which come separately and have always been my least favorite type of accessory ever since the Ned Flanders figure from Playmates. Seriously, just attach them to the head sculpt.

Especially since the set came with 2 head sculpts to swap out. Also some phones for Churchill to call people on.

For a big figure, Churchill's lower body has no articulation, but I'm okay with that. Not like the character fits on any of the chairs in the playsets. Also, his body is perfectly balanced the way it is. And instead you do get an alternate hand to have him do the "Victory" signal with his hands. Also, his waist has a cut joint if you want him to turn around.

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  1. Ironsides Dalek is awesome and could replace R2-D2 on Jabba's barge to serve drinks easily and I agree why not just attach those glasses to the figure? Just a small piece now to could be easily lost in a move somewhere or worst get broken swapping it on to the other head.