Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Lego Friends Picnic

So truthfully, I've always wanted to check out the figures in the Lego Friends line, but never wanted to pay the prices they demand. Fortunately this set was Target Valentine's day polybag, which means now it's 50% off, or something like that, and only costs around $1.

So sure, let's check it out. The Lego building part of the set is a bit disappointing, certainly not worth the price it originally commanded. The minifigure, I'm not sure about it yet.It's not horrible, but misses the novelty/nostalgia value of the classic minifigure design. But the big thing I head about these figures is that the hair/hats are interchangeable. So let's look into that.

Still uncertain. I'm not feeling a great desire to pick up more of these.


  1. For all that they're ''girl'' Lego, I really like the Lego Friends stuff. I bought one ''for my wife'' (ahem) for Christmas and it's a really cool little set. But what's really good is the figures are just about the same scale as the Character Building figures, so if you're looking for additional companions for The Doctor then job's a good 'un.