Monday, February 18, 2013

Princess Peach

So I got back from the Doctor Who convention, but let's not talk about the toys I bought there and instead talk about how when I got back and went to Toys R Us I saw K'Nex figures for New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Most of the new figures are repaints, Mario & Luigi in Player 2 costumes, different color Yoshis, and the blue and yellow Toad guys. But more importantly, they made a new Princess Peach figure.

It's not perfect. Unlike the other figures, all attempts at pretending this is a building block figure is gone. Seriously, no legs. Just this.

And dig the way the figure is assembled.

Still, new K'Nex minifigure in the Mario line. Gotta get it.


  1. What's the code on the back of the package? I'll want to get this one for my daughter!

    1. The second number is the one underlined. It's pretty easy to squeeze to verify as well. The dress is easily identified.