Saturday, May 17, 2014

Green Lantern Maxwell

This Green Lantern version of Maxwell from Scribblenauts looks too much like an actual Green Lantern I've seen in crowd shots to feel completely original.

But it's not horrible for a mini figure. 5 points if articulation, although his legs were warped when I pulled him from the package, so it was difficult getting him on the pega of his little base.

I got this because I had a gift card to gamestop and their video game prices are a little high for my comfort. These mini vinyl figures are blind packed, in boxes so even the pinch and feel method is out, so I doubt I'll get another one without a gift card. Because why would anyone spend real money to buy a blind item when they have an INSANELY EXCELLENT chance to end up paying for the same thing twice?

Only crazy people who don't have e-bay.


  1. Where do you pick up these little figures? I have not seen them around my area as of yet and i have friend that was interested in some.

  2. He looks a lot like Green Lantern Arkkis Chummuck.