Monday, May 26, 2014

Marvel Labbits and Nog'nz

So this week I found myself picking up some interesting Marvel clearance items. First up was the Kid Robot series of Marvel Labbits.

As you can see, they're Marvel characters interpreted into rabbits. (Labbits is a design Kid Robot has used in the past, so they just superimposed the Marvel properties onto the existing template.) This is hilarious to me, because the Marvel characters are humans, not rabbits. So I decided to pick one up. And then I got another one. And a third. And then I was afraid I'd get a duplicate so I stopped.

I got a Red Skull, Doctor Octopus and Doctor Doom. I really like the Doc Ock with his arms which make it feel like a more substantial figure. The Doom design I like because, hey Doctor Doom. Red Skull I'm kinda meh about, and his Nazi uniform kinda creeps me out a bit. These figures are blind boxed, so even at Clearance I don't think I'll be picking up any more. (Unless they go down to around $2 a pop, which they won't because that's not how the store I got these from does clearance.)

The other thing I picked up were Marvel Nog'nz. I don't know how much these went for originally, but at 50 cents for a pack of two, I was willing to risk it. These are hard plastic, they're pretty much rip-offs of the GoGo's Crazy Bones, and are designed to be played with by chucking them at one another or rolled around like dice. Because they're such hard plastic, they make a very satisfying clinking noise when you shake them together or crash them into one another.

I got the last two bags in the store, and I'm pleased with the selection, mostly. I'd totally pick up a few more bags at the clearance price. Doctor Strange, Cyclops, and Ghost Rider all look ridiculous and adorable when their visages are smashed up and chibi-ized. But War Machine looks like a gray blob.


  1. Where did you find these all at Timmy and how much did you pay for them if i can ask? I like that Ghost Rider Nog'z and the Marvel Labbit of Red Skull and Doc Ock look awesome!

    1. nog'nz were at walgreens for 50 cents, labbits were at a local Japanese grocery store called Oto's and cost $7.

    2. Cool thanks Timmy i shall keep my eyes peeled for some of these. : )

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  3. I collect the nog nz for my son and need just the war machine to finish his collection. Any chance you want to sell it?