Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Harley Quinn

Okay, Sideshow 1:6 scale Harley Quinn figure.

I picked this up because 1) They're not going to make a Harley Quinn Hot Toys figure any time in the near future and 2) I'd like to collect a bunch of 1:6 scale Batman villains in "movie style." There's that Medicom 1:6 scale figure but that looks too stylized and cartoony. This Sideshow isn't as "photorealistic" as the Hot Toys sculpts tends to be, but it's close. The face is too smooth. It lacks the fine detail, although one could just say she's wearing a LOT of makeup.

Still, compared side by side next to a Hot Toys figure, the Uncanny Valley becomes a lot more obvious. The nose is too perfect and the eye paint isn't as "taxidermy" perfect as the Hot Toys figure.

It's a small complaint though. On the upside, I love the articulation, even her jester prongs on her hat can be moved around and posed. The cuffs and neck frill are soft plastic to maintain shape, which is a cool idea. Also, second head:

The main downside I see is that her hammer accessory is so heavy that if you put it in her hands it has a tendency to yank the hands out of their sockets. I'm half worried it will tear the arm out, or even worse, break the elbow joint. So that's a big worry.

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