Friday, May 2, 2014

Simpsons Lego Blind bags suck and why do they do this to us?

So, since the Simpsons Lego minifigures cost more than other Lego minifigures, are still blind packed, and have unique headsculpts that make them look not less like Lego minifigures and more like knock off block-figures, I am not excited about the Lego minifigures. (The sets I'm on the fence about.)

My problem is the same that I have with some of the newer minimate propeties, where they change the head sculpts so much that they lose some of the characteristics that are intrinsically unique to the minifigure design. If all Lego minifigures have certain elements that define them as a minifigure, then changes to that could drive away people who are attracted to those elements. (And apparently I am one of those people.)

And while the Legoized versions of the Simpsons from the Simpsons Lego special may not look as nice or accurate as the figures that were actually made, I sort of respect them more as being more representative of what a Simpson Lego figure should look like.

And that's my really long way of explaining that I'll probably skip over most of the Simpsons minifigures, although I will pick up a Homer and a Bart out of curiosity and Grandpa Simpson because I mistook the bags when I was trying to identify the figures while squeezing them. But heck, I'll take him if it means I have three generations of Simpson men.

I'm torn on whether I'll get any of the other minifigures (although I kinda want a marge for the sheer batshit insanity of the design) but I may have to wait for them to be on sale. (Although, Toys R Us charges the same $4 they've always charged for minifigures, Target has upped the price from the previous $3. But Toys R Us does buy 1 get 1 40% sometimes. Bleh. Numbers.)

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