Thursday, June 7, 2012

Cobra Commander

So I've been thinking, I won't mind the 6 month delay for the new GI Joe movie if they change the movie so that Roadblock only speaks in rhyme. And in other news I bought a Sideshow toys 1:6 scale GI Joe.

These suckers cost $100+, but I bought mine loose from e-bay, so I didn't pay quite that much. Cobra Commander comes with all his accessories and its a fine figure. All the articulation you would hope for and the costume looks great, not at all like a dude wearing a Halloween costume, which is what you kinda get with the Hasbro 12 inch GI JOE Real American Hero figures.

Zoo Ranger Cobra Commander
Pac Man Ghost costume Cobra Commander
Yeah, compared to that, this Sideshow figure is like the statue of David. (It's art, is what I mean.) Sure, the hood may be a permanent part of the figure's head, but look at the detail of the face that you see solely from the eyeholes!

That is art, man. Pure art. I assume that the other figures in this line are of similar quality, although I can't be certain. So far all the Joes look like regular army dudes and I'm not paying $100+ for that. Once they get to doing the Joes that wore more eclectic garb then I'll look into it. But Cobra Commander has just enough of that flair of ridiculousness that made the 80's cartoon so great. He's wearing a hood for cripes sake.

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