Friday, June 22, 2012

Series 10 Minimates (TRU Exclusive)

Hey, Toys R Us Series 10 minimates are out. I didn't pick up the characters I already had, which is half the wave, but the two Toys R Us Exclusives were interesting and unique enough that I quickly picked them up.

Hey look, it's X-Force versions of Rictor and Boom-Boom! Since I've already got Shatterstar and Cannonball from that era, I wanted to fill out the team because I'm a collector and I'm insane. This was my favorite costume for Boom-Boom (also known as Boomer, Meltdown, Time Bomb, and Tabitha Smith). But, you know, I love a lot of costume from the 90's. I didn't even know Rictor was a character until well into my twenties. I mean, I like the character now that he's in X-factor, but I had no idea he ever wore a character like this. In fact if the package didn't tell me this was Rictor I would have assumed he was a generic 90's character from an X-men comic.

Next up is a two pack of Mirage and Magma, two New Mutants characters. Mirage completes the original team from New Mutants #1 and Magma is a well remembered New Mutants character than I'm not familiar with but has some sort of lava/fire powers. For some reason she comes with the Frankie Nova fire hair, but doesn't have the necessary socket in her hair or head for the peg on the hair to attach to. So I don't know what's going on there.

Incidentally I passed on all of the Amazing Spider-Man movie minimates because 1)the exclusives were kinda dulls and 2) they looked nothing like the actors. If I get a minimate of a character played by Emma Stone or Dennis Leary minimate, they better at least convey the essence of Emma Stone and Dennis Leary. If they're not comic based and don't look like the actors then they just look like random civilian minimates, and I'm not paying for that without the most amazing accessories in the world.


  1. Ah those wonderful if not crazy character designs and i agree on those Spider-Man ones being dull.

  2. Take the bottom of her hair off (like a small cap) to reveal the slit for the peice to fit.