Monday, June 18, 2012

Wolverine's Chopper Showdown

I thought it was coll when they announced the Marvel Lego sets, but I was wary about buying any of them because licensed Lego sets are usually disappointing when you consider how much they cost. For $20 you get a couple figures, maybe one of which is a character you actually want, and some sort of vehicle which is less robust than the vehicles you get in the Lego City line. 

Fortunately the first X-men Lego set features a pretty nice looking helicopter. I could see this as something from a low cost Lego City vehicle. And it comes with two minifigures I wouldn't mind owning, Wolverine and Deadpool. I think Magneto's a little overused in comics and as a result he's not my favorite X-men character, but if you were going to do an X-men set I can see why he was included.

I like how they tried to simulate Magneto's magnetism powers by giving him a metal plate to float on, but dude, he doesn't need to stand on a metal plate in order to fly. Wolverine's claws are a bit, meh. I understand why they did it like this. And I've noticed they've reused the piece with the Lego Wolfman in the new Monster Hunters series.

But really, I only got this set for the minifigs, and I only wanted the minifigs for the same reason I get the weirder minifigs in the collector's line. To see them interact with disparate Lego creations. Hence: Wolverine in Space!

And since I recently picked up a Deadpool minimate, I though I would be interesting put it next to the Lego Deadpool for comparison. The minimate has more elaborate paint, better accessories and more articulation. The Lego is a Lego. The Lego stud on his head makes him look like he's wearing a beanie or a ski-cap. Which of the two is superior depends on what you prefer. Personally I give the advantage to the minimate. But I would.

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