Friday, May 25, 2012

Deadpool Corps

Quick rundown: Deadpool, from the 616 universe which everyone knows from the comics. Kidpool from an alternate universe where he's student at a daycare run by Xavier. Zombie Deadpool, from the Marvel Zombie universe where everyone is a zombie. He came to the 616 universe, and then had his head cut off, during Marvel Zombies 3 which is an amazing comic that everyone should read. Then we have the Champion, an alien from a classic comic where he challenges the world's strongest heroes and then beats them up but he's so impressed by Ben Grimm's unwillingness to ever give up that he spares the Earth. Apparently he wanted to help the Deadpool Corps stop some cosmic threat and they forced him to dress up like them. Then there's Lady Deadpool from a universe where Captain America's a oppressive jerk and Deadpool is a woman. They kissed once but realized it was like kissing your sibling. She's actually a pretty awesome character given that she's more like  Looney Tunes character than Deadpool, plus she has the added benefit of being a female character which tends to subvert the trope of the wacky/crazy/dangerous mercenary that Deadpool embodies.

Man, did I say this would be short? I guess I lied. So why did I buy this set when I've already got 2 Deadpool minimates? 2 reasons: Flying zombie head Deadpool with his propeller beanie and Lady Deadpool. Incidentally, if you question the logic of having a zombie head on your team when he'd just try to eat you, Marvel Zombies have a thing where if they go cold turkey from eating people for long enough they lose the hunger. They get it again if they taste human flesh, but... that has nothing to do with anything. He's a flying head. AWESOME!

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  1. I would've been all over this set, except no Dogpool!