Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Albert Einstein

Continuing my obsession with specific historical figures in one sixth scale, it's Albert Einstein. There was a photorealistic 1:6 version of Einstein, but it goes for like $500 now. So screw that. So instead I got the version of Einstein from Toy Presidents. Had to get it used, of course, it's long been out of production. (Incidentally, the limited edition run information says I got #12.) This is still recognizably Einstein, but it has a little more of a caricature-esque head sculpt. I'm okay with that though. It's a good head sculpt and I'm not paying $500 just for an accurate looking head. Also, this guy has a suit on, the $500 is wearing what looks like a sweater he got for Christmas, you know... if Einstein got Christmas presents, which is unlikely because he was Jewish.

The figure comes with a stand and a timeline of Einstein's life.

The weird thing for me is the way his coat hangs on his body. It ends up restricting his shoulder articulation a little, preventing him from raising his arms very high. Also, when he does raise his arms, it looks like he has shoulders in the middle of his torso. Weird.

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  1. If I could choose my historical action figure, it would be Nikola Tesla!!
    :D :D :D