Friday, May 4, 2012

Knight Rider

When this set was first announced I was insanely excited. Knight Rider! In minimate form! And while I'll admit that having a minimate of David Hasselhof is cool, KITT doesn't survive the minimate translation that well. Maybe its because KITT never had a defining characteristic aside from the Cylon light, or maybe it's because the minimate boxy car style doesn't really complement the sleek style of KITT's design, or maybe it's because this is the Super Pursuit Mode KITT, which apparently means he detached the front bumper and pushed it out... or the lights came out...

I have no idea what's going on with this car, but it's weird. It just looks weird. The Back to the Future Deloreans are great, but they also have a distinctive look. A style as it were. This... this is some plain black spy car. Without the voice, it's meaningless to me.

So yeah, buyer's remorse a little. But at least I've got the Hoff minimate


  1. Now lets get Mini-Mate Air-Wolf and Dukes of Hazzard sets that would be too cool.

  2. I would be down for Air-Wolf. I still hum that theme song whenever I see a helicopter.