Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Justin Bieber Concert Tour Onstage Playset

Before you go and get the wrong idea, let me explain that I bought this playset for the accessories because it turns out, perfect for 1:6 scale action figures. As far as I'm concerned the part where I end up buying a Justin Bieber doll is a necessary evil. But for a cheap fashion doll it's pretty well constructed. It has rooted hair with enough paste/glue in it to hold its shape while giving it a natural appearance. It's surprisingly well articulated too, not great, 12 points of articulation, but much better than some Mattel figures. Hell, the hips, ankles and shoulders are ball and lever joints. If there were wrist joints of any sort I'd call this a success in the 1:6 scale, but as it is, the figure is just pretty good..

But enough about Bieber. (And holy crap I wrote more about him than I thought I would.) Let's talk about the accessories. You get the microphone and heart shaped scaffolding seat, which I guess is from his concert show, but more importantly you get a bunch of 1:6 scale instruments.

A Keyboard! A acoustic guitar! A drum set! with chair! Okay, sure the drums display a Justin Bieber logo, but that's easily fixed with a piece of construction paper. Besides, the drums even feature a kick pedal. You can't see it because it's on the back. But the point is, now any of my 1:6 scale figures can be musicians! And that's great!


  1. Now on tour....Frankenstein's Monster! lol. : D

  2. Frankie's Monster and Justin just need a bunch of zombies to complete their band!!
    :D :D :D

  3. I went to a JB concert last summer, and i do have to admit that i probably will never forget it:) me and my best friend lost ALOT of sleep the night before in anticipation of it:) She grabbed great tickets and the day of we actually sat around in our JB t-shirts singing along to his CDs..... haha now i like bieber and ..anyway I'm glad someone else is as crazy over bieber as i was:)

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