Friday, June 15, 2012

Joseph Stalin

There's something in my head that won't let me buy an action figure of a living historical figure if the atrocities they committed are recent enough that joking about them wouldn't get you a shout of, "Too Soon!" Joseph Stalin is not one of those people.

One of history's greatest monsters, and King's Toys made an action figure of him in the 1:6 scale. Then someone was selling a loose version for cheap on ebay and I picked it up even though it was nude. However that person was also selling the clothing in an alternate auction, so I picked up what I thought was his most iconic outfit. No shoes though, bastard can go barefoot.

I'm not certain how I want to pose this guy. Preferably in a way that takes the piss out of him. Because making fun of Stalin is hilarious.

Hello comrade, can you spare change so I can eat cupcakes?


  1. They made a figure of this guy? Crazy.

  2. They made a figure of Hitler too and despite the far-right myth that Stalin was worse than Hitler, Hitler is far worse, based on his ideology and intent for Europe. The deaths in the Soviet Union were mostly caused by the modernization of a feudal state (that is a fact, whether we agree with the modernization of not) whereas the deaths in NAZI Germany were due to the idea of racism and race war. Racism was not extreme in the Soviet Union (due to the Marxist notion of internationalism) and all attempts to make Stalinist Russia anti-Jewish are scraping the barrel (in other words, people believe that subscribing to Zionism is the only true non-anti-Semitic attitude; in the USSR Jews were just treated as any Slavs but with a slightly different religion and culture...they were given their own autonomous oblast, in fact).

    I am not sure why Stalin is so controversial whereas the Hitlers and Himmlers seemed to have been released without as much fanfare. Most 1/6 collectors are Neo-NAZIs? Might explain why there are so many 1/6 WWII German soldiers on the market! LOL

    1. Wrong. The reason there are so many German figures on the market is because companies do not have to pay the surviving families of war criminals royalties to use their likeness. If a company wants to make a figure of anyone else they must first get permission and then pay for the right to use the likeness.