Wednesday, June 20, 2012


When the Astronaut was first shown, I wanted one. Forget that it's an action figure of the Impossible Astronaut from Doctor Who and it's still a really good action figure of an Astronaut. And considering Doctor Who figures' recent upgrades in articulation, that means something. (To me anyway. Ball joint shoulders!)

They even revealed that when you flip the visor up you get to see the head of the little girl inside the suit. I wanted one of these so bad.

But then they showed off another wave and an Astronaut variant! This time the visor flips up to reveal adult River Song, looking surprisingly happy. The close up shot makes her look like she has crazy eyes, but really, her head just looks really small... Totally not in scale, but they had to get her head into the same space they allocated for a child's head. Ah well, he head still looks better than the River Song that came with the Pandorica.