Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Beast Boy

Teen Titans Go is a great comedy series that play upon the already humorous and deep mythology established by the original Teen Titans cartoon. By making the characters broader it made them even more fun to watch.

Which is why fan favorite Beast Boy is now hilarious and why I'm so happy they released a toy of him depicting his Teen Titans Go look. And bonus! It comes with a version of him as a tiny pig, which is what he turns into in order to eat mass amounts and underline what a horrible slob he can be. EXTRA BONUS He comes with a fridge that opens and has many empty shelves for you to put things on.

Seriously, this is a great set. And the figure has a surprising amount of articulation for a 2.25 inch figure. Which is to say it has articulation. Yes, the legs are connected and must be moved together, yes the head is heavy making it difficult to stand some times, yes none of this matters and this figure is still great.


  1. That has to be the best review a Jazwares product has ever gotten!

    I saw the Trigon/Raven and Robin w/ computer sets at TRU the other day and the paint apps/glue holding the capes on looked pretty sloppy.