Sunday, September 14, 2014

Buyer's Remorse: Dalek Edition

Finally found the third series of the Doctor Who 3.75" figures, only at Toys R Us rather than Walgreens. It's cool to see Toys R Us carry Doctor Who stuff, but they're charging $5 more than Walgreens... Although Toys R Us is still cheaper than other places I've seen previous waves at.

And unlike Walgreens, Toys r Us is carrying Wave 2 and a wave of 5 inch scale Daleks. The 5" Daleks cost the same as the 3.75" ones, which is... I don't even have the words.

But it allowed me to finally collect the last of the rainbow colored Dalek designs from season 5.

Of course buying all this stuff ended up pricier than I had expected. So I'm probably going to return some of it, especially if I find the same figures at Walgreens for cheaper. Seriously, some Walgreens have the figures on buy 1 get 1 half off, which makes the average figure half the cost of what Toys R Us is charging... Of course it's difficult to find any at Walgreens so it's a tad moot...

Oh, but I did find two Daleks after checking 5 Walgreens.


  1. Man Wal-Greens is become a little toy haven these days with stuff like this and that Marvel Legends Agent Venom figure.

  2. I've enjoyed these toys as they have come out, I've picked up a couple of the Daleks so far, I'm already up to 4 along with a one of everything else I can get my hands on. I'd highly recommend you look for a Davros mini statue that Underground toys is putting out this year, or did put out. He was available on these shores last year through character and he is the perfect accompaniment for the Daleks as he's made at the same size. Here's a quick link to a picture of him;

    Sorry to hear they are so expensive over there in the states, seems to be the inverse of the norm as we pay way over the odds for American stuff here and thus far the Doctor Who figures here are somewhat reasonable.