Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Look, I've picked up the other 4 available Nintendo figures, might as well pick up the other one, right? It helps that Yoshi is a green dinosaur, which is a thing that I like. The bits that make me sad: he only has 5 points of articulation and he's not designed so Mario can ride him. Actually no one can ride him... That's the whole point of Yoshi! Make him so other figures can ride him!

Oh, and his bonus accessory is an egg. A perfectly round Egg that won't stand up on its own because it's too round. Weird.


  1. These guys are really colorful and fun, though, which is always tempting. I've seen them at my local K-Mart a few times and I kind of regret not grabbing Link when I had the chance. I do wish Yoshi's egg was a bit more egg-shaped.

    I guess I'm a bit hesitant on these because this feels like a line that will not really expand with a more diverse cast of characters in the future. Hopefully I'm wrong, though.

    1. The egg is perfectly egg shaped but I couldn't keep it still enough to show in a photo.