Saturday, September 20, 2014

Doctor Who, Series 3

So after my little bout of buyer's remorse I opened some of the Walgreen figures I picked up. Specifically the 10th Doctor figure, the Asylum Dalek, and the Genesis of the Dalek exclusive.

The 10th Doctor is pretty good for this scale, although I'm disappointed that the stripes on his pinstripe suit are implied by carved lines on the plastic and not given any blue paint, but I'm sure it would have looked horrible if they had done it. This is him in his coat, which was never my preference for 10th Doctor Toys (I preferred the suit) but it's pliable enough to allow plenty of movement, and hey, 3.75" scale 10th Doctor. It's a surprisingly good likeness for the scale, much better than the 11th Doctor figure which hinted at the idea of the 11th Doctor rather than trying to recreate his face in this scale.

The Asylum Dalek is pretty much exactly like the previous Dalek from this toy line, but with a red marking on it to designate it as "insane." The paint also gives it a grungier look to imply it's inattention to Dalek grooming.

I was surprised by the Genesis Dalek, rather than a repaint, it's an entirely new sculpt. Everything on it is simpler to reflect the lower budgeted time the character represents. I'm wondering if they just used the models for the 5" line and had the manufacturers shrink it to scale. It's pretty dang nice.

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  1. Unfortunately no picture is loading for me here.

    I have the Genesis Dalek and would like to pick up a couple more of him to go with my Davros, it'd be nice to get a Tom Baker as well to go with them.

    I'm excited to see the classic characters getting a bit of time. I can't wait to get my hands on the Brigadier as was previewed at Toy Fair(I think it was there anyway).

    I only have the 11th Doctor thus far, but look forward to picking up this 10th and the 12 in his own suit shortly.

    Getting them at 3 3/4" has been really nice and I'm tempted to look back at the figures Dapol put out in the 80s for some classic Cybermen, though that may be a bad direction to head in.