Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Impossible Set

I love that Character Options/Underground toys is continuing to produce 5 inch figures, albeit irregularly. It means I get a Clara figure in the scale I prefer. Sure, she comes in a two pack with ridiculous packaging that is basically two cards glued back to backso it  takes way too much space and wastes so much cardboard and plastic in order to justify packaging together these two characters; Oswim from the Asylum of the Daleks episode and the Doctor wearing a costume he only wore in the Snowmen episode. 

Whatever, the fact that there's a headsculpt of Jenna Coleman means we'll probably get more Clara figures. After all there's already been 2 Ace figures, 3 Leela figures, 2 Jo Grant Figures, 3 Brigadier figures... If they can get away with getting more use out of a headsculpt to create new box sets, they will. I'm guessing we'll be getting a 12th Doctor / Clara set eventually. After all, they already did a 12th Doctor headsculpt for the regeneration figure coming out soon.

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  1. I'd like a playscale Clara. Don't suppose Character Options will do that though.


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