Friday, September 4, 2009

First Doctor & Saucer Commander

Hey, it's the First Doctor. Originally released as a UK webstore exclusive then a SDCC exclusive which was also offered to official retail vendors. Which is where I got it.

The First Doctor was never my favorite Doctor. The actor was cool and I liked the novelizations of his stories, but watching the stories is hard because they're so dry and slowly paced. But I respect the First Doctor's place in history, and from a mythology standpoint, he's pretty cool. Even so I never meant to get this figure. Because its a two pack, it was more than I was willing to pay to just get the 1st Doctor.

Until I realized that 1) I sort of wanted a classic Dalek, 2) there was a good shipping deal with combined orders, and 3) I sort of want to collect all 10 Doctors. This is complicated by my refusal to buy a 9th Doctor toy until I've got the others, but its a goal. So I got the 1st Doctor figure and it's kinda okay. The likeness is close and he comes with the cane he used to beat the crap out of people. (The First Doctor's moral grey area was pretty neat.)

There's a black & white variant of these figures, to simulate the look of the original b&w episodes, but damn did I not want that. I mean if I want to simulate that look, I've got a black & white setting on my camera.

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