Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Batwoman & The Question

They're in a well written book now! Also lesbians! Guess which one the mass media decided to focus on!

These minimates came out years ago but I never picked them up. Batwoman & the Question, DC's most prominent gay super-heroes emerged from the 52 event but then got relegated to the mini-series ghetto. But now that Batman's dead they've inherited one of the Batman titles (Detective Comics) and although I don't read it, I hear it's pretty good. So as part of my ongoing mission to maybe pick up all the DC minimates (there's a finite number since the line got cancelled years ago) I decided to pick this 2-pack up.

Overall it's fairly standard DC Minimate fare. Batwoman's face is actually a single piece mask that fits tightly over her 2nd secret identity head. (Real tight. I'm going to have to get a push pin or something if I ever want to get it off.) The paint on her hair (it's a huge mask piece) is lacking in places. But in a twist, the Question (Rene Montoya version... I would have prefered a Vic Sage version but you take what you can get) does have a face on the back of her head so you can switch it around. The hair piece is just big enough to hide it when you want the figure to go into "Question" mode. Although based on how the hair/hat piece is designed, the figre looks better with the blank face. The hair line seems to high otherwise and it looks like Rene has a huge forehead.

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