Thursday, September 24, 2009

Halloween Lego impulse item (8907)

I could have sworn they used to sell Halloween Lego treats. Like a big bag filled with smaller bags that you could give out to Trick or Treaters instead of candy containing small lego sets like you used to get in Happy Meals. I could have sworn.

But when I went around all I found were some $3 Power Miners sets in plastic bags, containing roughly what you'd get in the small $3.50-$5 impulse Lego boxes, but in a bag. (In fact the scanning system lists it as "Halloween Impulse.") The Rock Creature set contains a small catapult to launch the Rock Creature, but it's only made from 12 pieces, so it's a very unimpressive catapult.

So I picked up set 8907. There's no name anywhere on the packaging, so I'm calling it the Poker. I got it because the packaging and the toy remind me a lot of the old Lego sets I used to get as a kid. Also a minifig and a vehicle with wheels for $3 is a pretty good price. Plus the Lego minifig has the reversable head with 2 expressions on each side, which I really dig on the newer minifgs.

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