Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lego Racers 6-8

From left to right those are cars #8 (Sport Racer), #7 (Curve Chase) and #6 (EZ Rally). So yeah I went back for more. I skipped #4 because I thought it looked ugly and I was too late to get #5, but I was able to get these three. So far my favorite is #8, with its green complexion and grey window definition.

My favorite part about these cars is the mix and match parts. For example, take the all yellow car I made from the parts.

And my favorite combination, which pretty much just adds a new bottom peice to car #8. Now it looks vaguely like the tank from that game Spectre. Man that was a good game.

These Happy Meal toys have totally gotten me back into Lego's. So I guess mission accomplished. Although ironically, not into the Racer Lego series, because the Racer cars you can buy at the store don't appeal to me the way these toys do.

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