Saturday, September 5, 2009

Mine Mech

I've been considering getting this for a while, but my renewed interest in Legos sealed the deal. It's the Mine Mech, which I wanted to get because it's a Lego Exo-suit. Now I know there was that whole Lego line of Exo_suits a few years back (and boy do I regret not getting back on the Lego train then) but this one is a Miner's suit. It's not a sci-fi action pack military suit. It's a mech suit meant for hard labor. This is a practical suit.

And it's being used to kill rock creatures to steal their food.

For profit.

Lego sure is taking a dim view of humanity. GO CYNICISM!

The suit itself didn't live up to my expectations. It's stockier than I thought it would be. Shorter too. The articulation of the limbs is pretty good, but I was hoping for more. But for a Lego creation it's still impressive. I do like the clamping.

This hasn't killed my love for Legos, but it's made me more cautious about which sets I get. Because DAMN: Legos be expensive. Especially for the larger playsets.

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