Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bullseye & Moonstone

Man, I've been trying to find these guys for a while. They're a Toys R' Us Exclusive, apparently were ordered in ridiculously low quantities, and the closest Toys R' US to me are either 1.25 hours away or through a toll bridge. So searching for these guys have not been pleasant. I finally found them in my grandparents hometown 2 hours away when I went for a visit.

There's already a Minimates Bullseye, but that was back in the more cartooney days of the line. This one's more "realistic" and features his head tattoo that they copied off the Daredevil movie. (Because lord knows that's where they should get their inspiration for how to handle Bullseye. That movie did everything so right. Sarcasm.) Personally I kind of like the old designs, back when they were simpler. Although some of the figures look damn silly.

The other figure is Moonstone and I have no idea who she is, really. All I know about her is she's in the Thunderbolts and I the profile says she's a psychologist. I mean if someone showed me this figure and never told me who it was, I would never have guessed who it was. The costume's a bit generic and I don't know if that's supposed to be a gold colored transparent cleavage window or gold fabric. The internet isn't helping either, all the pictures of Moonstone in this costume could go either way. Pretty much I just wanted her to help fill out my Thunderbolt Minimates line.

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