Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Death Star Escape playset

The deals I find on eBay keep getting better and better. I got this playset along with its counterpart, the Detention Block Rescue, together for less than ten dollars. I'm reviewing this set first because it was the one I primarily wanted.

I've wanted to get this Star Wars playset ever since I saw it in stores in 1997. Unfortunately I only ever saw it in Rite Aid, which meant it wasn't the most affordable piece (regular retail price for the set was ten dollars). One of its appealing aspect to me was the fact that a mutli-tiered structured, something I always find handy when displaying lots of figures.

Even though I had wanted to get this set for years, Mario told me the Detention Block set was better. Still, I knew pretty much why I wanted it, and thought I wouldn't be disapponted.

Well, I was. Slightly.

Judging from pictures, the set always seemed to be pretty narrow, which would have made it fit nicely into my IKEA cabinet on my designated Star Wars shelf. The walkway is narrow, but the set as a whole isn't. Not only do the cardboard and plastic at the base nearly double the width, but the platforms behind the doors stick out a bit. I spent around half an hour moving items around on my shelf and removing various pieces from the Death Star Escape set until I gave up.

It still looks nice. There's some nice features like the removeable bridge and blast shield door to replicate the scene from Star Wars I'm not too fond of the missle launcher, and the swinging rope doesn't attach well, so I stored it in the smuggling compartment of my Millenium Falcon. Since it's doubtful Harbso will make a large-size Death Star playset any time soon, this set is decent enough for your Imperial display puroses. Just make sure you have enough room.


  1. How the heck, do you put this playset back into it's box correctly, without losing your sanity?

  2. Can you give me the dimensions?