Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Let's talk about Thunderbolts Minimates.

No, different Thunderbolts. As in the team of superheroes made up of a team of villains. They've been on various sides of the "corrupted" line through their career, and had even more varying popularity with the comic buying public, but they only made one incarnation of the team into minimates so let's talk about that one. We've already seen Bullseye & Moonstone so let's check out the rest of the Thunderbolts Initative team (minus Songbird & Swordsman, who are pretty long shots to ever getting minimates... although they're making the fricking Vault Guard, so what do I know.)

There's civilian clothes Norman Osborne, Radioactive Man, Penance and the new Venom. 3 Villians of attempting to reform in various ways and a New Warrior given an angsty backstory that doesn't really work. I'm trying to remember why I wanted this set so badly. Because I've got to admit, I'm having trouble remembering.

Oh right, it's because the concept for each character is so ridiculous that I couldn't resist. "Let's make a minimate of an over-the-top angsty Speedball. See, he feels guilty for being partially responsible for a bunch of people dying so he dresses up in S&M gear." Genius.

Also, they all have costume changes! It's like Barbie mixed with Minimates.

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