Friday, October 23, 2009

Captain America & the Red Skull

Finally, a Red Skull minimate. Up until now the only Captain America Villain made into a minimate was... actuall none. Admittedly, the Captain doesn't have the most impressive Rogue's Gallery. Pretty much his most major foe is the Red Skull.

Also, Hitler, but they're never making a Hitler minimate. So instead we get the Red Skull, packaged with the "Bucky" version of Captain America who will sadly be leaving soon. This is actually a pretty good way to do a Captain America variant. It's a different costume and a different character, so people will actually want this as opposed to a "Captain America with different pattern on the blue part" variants we've been getting for a while.

The minimate actually is making me like the new costume. I wasn't impressed when I first saw it, but here it sort of works. Good job toy.

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